“The life of significant soil.” ~ T. S. Eliot, “The Dry Salvages” Copyright © All rights reserved.

September 27

Daily Wisdom

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Life of Significant Soil; Meaning of Life; Overcoming; Social Justice; Wisdom

Freelance Monkette

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“What’s Up”

~ 4 Non Blondes

“Is This the Thing the Lord God made and gave/ To have dominion over sea and land;/ To trace the stars and search the heavens for power;/ To feel the passion of eternity?/ Is this the dream He dreamed who shaped the suns/ And marked their ways upon the ancient deep?/ Down all the caverns of Hell to their last gulf/ There is no shape more terrible than this / More tongued with censure of the world’s blind greed / More filled with sighs and portents for the soul / More packt with danger for the universe./ What gulfs between him and the seraphim!/ Slave of the wheel of labor, what to him/ Are Plato and the swing of Pleiades?/…O masters, lords, and rulers in all lands,/ Is this the handiwork you give to God?”

                                          Edwin Markham

                                        “The Man with the Hoe”