“The life of significant soil.” ~ T. S. Eliot, “The Dry Salvages” Copyright © All rights reserved.

December 8

Daily Wisdom

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Life of Significant Soil; Meaning of Life; Overcoming; Social Justice; Wisdom

Freelance Monkette

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“Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show”

~ Neil Diamond

"God is said to be pleased with the soul which He finds filled with His own reality, His own love, His own truth. In a mysterious way, we please God by knowing Him, because we can only know Him by receiving His light into our hearts. Faith, then, is not only capable of penetrating the intimate substance of God's Truth, but it is an immediately redemptive knowledge of God. It 'saves' us. Its light is more than a way of speculation: it confers life. The awakening of faith not only gives light to the understanding and peace to the will: it transforms a man's moral being. He becomes a new creature. He is born again."

                                         Fr. Thomas Merton

                                         The Ascent to Truth