“The life of significant soil.” ~ T. S. Eliot, “The Dry Salvages” Copyright © All rights reserved.

March 15

Daily Wisdom

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Life of Significant Soil; Meaning of Life; Overcoming; Social Justice; Wisdom

Freelance Monkette

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“Keep On Smilin’”

~ Wet Willie

“Rumi does not resolve contradictions so much as he sings them. He lives in them. Incarnation is not a dungeon, but a closed box of musk getting muskier. The smallness of the play area is a strength! Particles turning in tiny orbits compose the diamond we inhabit. Rumi is in these poems, enduring and enjoying the many contradictions: the sweetness of grief, the freedom of limits, the warmth of going naked, the eloquent silence.”

                                 Coleman Barks

                                Rumi: The Glance